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Why control acne?

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Scarred For Life: Having a pimple doesn’t usually do too much damage to the skin, but if an acne blemish gets infected or goes too deep, the result can be a “pit scar” that is visible no matter what your age or how long it has been since the pimple happened.

Problem Area Scars: Most people have one or two areas that will break out over and over leading to multiple instances of scarring. These events all build on top of each other and the result can be a deformation of the skin that looks like a permanent boil.

Dark Spots: Skin that is dark or tans very easily can respond to acne by creating a dark area around the irritated area. It often takes years or even decades for these spots to fade on their own. The best solution is to prevent problem acne.

After The Fact: Treatment of acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads once they have formed still puts your skin through a very rough healing process. The best approach is to prevent the problem by using low levels of medicine over the face in a way that prevents the pimple weeks before it can form. Keeping the skin in a healthy condition continuously will help give you clearer skin throughout your life.